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About Us

Vaporworks was started in 2000. It became one of the first companies to offer upgrade microchips for the Bushmaster 2000. At the time, there were only a couple of other companies that were able to install faster electronics and Anti Chop Eyes.


After developing Bushmaster boards & other parts, we moved on to make electronics for other markers.


Generation 1 Bob Long Intimidator

AKA Viking Excaliber- Used as stock board from factory

Nemesis Intimdator Clone - Stock board

Alias Model and newer Intimidator

Dye & Generation E Matrix


I would also think that we're one of the longest operating board companies in operation today.


As business has died over the years, we've become a one man shop. I build, test, ship, all products by myself around the regular day job/family affairs.


If you need your order ASAP, then I'm not your guy. With this being a side gig, I may have to work around other things before I can get to orders.