We’re back!


Welcome to the new site!

After nearly 20 years using the same shopping cart software, it was time for an upgrade.  

The previous site simply didn’t allow for a large number of features that we needed.  This site will hopefully continute to grow and start looking a little better as time goes on.  

Some of you may notice that there are a number of “Legacy” products showing back up on the system.  This is generally just to add a record of things that we used to produce, and have some basic info for people that come across them in the wild.  Some of the products like valves are a much requested item. If there was enough demand, they could be possibly produced again in a small batch.  It would require a kickstarter or something similar so that we could guarantee costs were covered before investing thousands in to inventory that may not sell quickly, but yet get customers their money back if the build doesn’t happen.


If you have ideas of how to make this work, please drop a comment or use the contact us form.

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