About Us

About Us

In 2001 Vaporworks as it’s known today was formed. Soon after the release of the Bushmaster 2000 Sam Smock became one of the first ICD certified techs that didn’t work in the factory. He began doing repair work and what were then known as the “Vapor Modifications” to the Bushmaster.  

This included doing mods to improve the overall operation of the marker.  This included polishing, porting, replacing the trigger switch and other things.

Soon we began designing and selling products for the ICD electronic markers that became popular upgrades among Bushmaster owners



Enter Chaos 2001:

The Chaos line begane with a simple microchip that replaced the controller on the stock B2k board enabling much faster rate of fire.  This was one of the very first production electronics replacements that could be bought and installed by the customer. Up until then it was mostly only done by custom shops.  Today we’re one of the only shops that are still in business producing boards.

With this chip’s popularity, we began to create entire boards to replace the stock equipment in several different markers.

The Entropy Intimidator board, was available as a standalone product, but also became the stock board in the Nemesis marker.

After the Entropy came Pandora.  AKA was in need of a new board supplier for their Viking and Excalibur markers.  The Pandora then became the board that came in these markers from the factory.




Todays Vaporworks

Today Vaporworks is a part time, one man shop.  Many items are built to order and make take a few days to ship.

Lifetime warranty

Vaporworks parts come with a lifetime warranty (excluding wiring harnesses).  If a board or other product fail under normal operation, we will repair or replace that item free of charge (shipping not included).  We still are repairing parts that have been in use for 20 years.